In the Picture - Remote

A fun exploration of individual uniqueness and shared identity

30 minutos - 1 hora
40 - Ilimitado


In the Picture – Remote has been specially designed for remote teams looking to discuss and explore shared identity. Participants are invited to take a number of selfies for inclusion in a video clip which will showcase all members of their team. They are given clear instructions on the orientation and background colour of their photos, as well as the due date and where they must be uploaded. Following loose guidelines on the content of their photos, participants get creative finding props that they have close to hand. Once all images are compiled, the video is created. Participants join the premiere of the video via an online meeting tool. First, a fast-moving sequence of individual faces then as the view pans back, more faces appear. The camera pans back to reveal a powerful pictorial created through convergence of the photos of the team members.

Resultados del aprendizaje

In the Picture – Remote is a fun, team bonding activity with powerful learning outcomes. The photographic criteria can be adapted to reflect values and culture or, as a way of getting to know each other better. In the Picture is an excellent kick-off for discussions around the importance of shared identity and how to develop it in remote teams. It can be used as a tool to encourage participants to express their uniqueness in photographic format and thereby increase the oneness of the group. The final visual result reinforces the importance of the shared identity of the group, despite each person being a unique individual. Participants are challenged to get creative and express their uniqueness in their photographs. As the photos must be taken according to the guidelines supplied, In the Picture also raises the importance of receptive language in effective communication as a remote team.

Remote Team Activity

Actividad de Equipo Remoto

Si su equipo no puede estar en la misma ciudad o en el mismo espacio físico, pruebe la versión en línea de esta actividad. Es una excelente manera de involucrar, motivar y conectar a un equipo de personas que trabajan de forma remota. Mediante videoconferencias en línea, nuestros facilitadores expertos estarán allí para guiar a sus participantes a lo largo de la experiencia. Póngase en contacto para descubrir cómo podemos personalizar esta experiencia para su equipo remoto.

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